1F cutting weird after updating to 1.0.9

I recently upgradef to the 1.0.9 because i bought a jtech 14w laser. And ever since i have had major issues with the machine cutting files in really weird paths, dropping and raising bit randomly during cut and not plunging at the depths set in gcode. Ive ran these files hundreds of times in the past with no issues other than router issues. Hopefully someome can help, as what it is doing is making my end product unusable

I thought this as well. However i installed a new collet after cleaning and it didnt work. So i put a brand new makita router in and its still doing it

Hey Marcus,

the appearance of this issue after upgrading may be just a coincidence. However problems of this kind often appear due to cable connector problems.

Did you check point 2 and especially point 3 mentioned in the link above?

I will check the z issues snd do the test cut once back in my shop and give an update. Thanks for the help.