2.5" hose vs. 1.5 with adapter on Suckit Dust Pro

Hi there.

I have a 1.5" rockler Dust Right FlexiPort Power Tool Hose which I have hooked up to the 1F dust boot, using a 2.5" adapter. I sort of like this hose because it contracts when not in use, which keeps the hose out of the way of the router.

However, the dust collection seems mediocre.

Would it be better to flip everything, and run true 2.5" hose to the Dust Devil?

I think that the real block to performance is going to be the dust devil. Of course, much will depend on what kind of carving you’re doing, and how much it’s producing. Shifting to a 2.5" might be worth a try, but I’ll bet you’re not going to see a huge difference.

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