Assembling The Suck It Dust Boot


What vacuum hose is everyone using with the Suckit dust boot? Can you attach a 2 1/2” vacuum hose directly using a clamp?

I have a 2.5” hose attached without a clamp. So far it hasn’t come off but I’ll add a clamp if needed.

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Thanks @garrett1812 Garrett!

I am planning in using my rigid vacuum hose. Can you use a 1 7/8 inch hose or have to use the 2 1/2 hose. I have seen many with hose clamps and duck tape. Thans in advance.

I use the Ridgid hose and while the pipe is 1 7/8 the ends still fit nicely into the SuckIt dust boot. I put one wrap of electrical tape around the end of my hose to snug it up perfectly, but it fits great without it too.


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