2 breakers: where to plug what

New account here so sorry if this has been answered on here already.

I am setting up my Journeyman and have access to 2 outlets. One is on a 15amp breaker and the other is on a 20amp breaker. I need to plug in the CNC, router, dust collector, and the LED add on light. How would you pair these up?

I would advise putting your Monitor, Controller & maybe overhead lights (if you plan to use them) on a dedicated circuit, then on the other put your vac, spindle etc. That way the controller is isolated from other electric motors that can cause interference and fluctuating power spikes when they come on/off.



Thats good input! I have pretty good LED lights in my garage that I wont need one dedicated to be right on the CNC other than the router LED attachment.

I put my router/controller(touch Monitor gets power from controller) on one 20amp circuit, then I have my shop vacuum on another. No issues as of yet.


I like that, thank you for the reply!