20% off Autodesk Fusion360 subscription

If you’re interested in getting a paid subscription for Fusion360,
I would like to offer you a referral link to use and get 20% your subscription purchase.

I recently purchased a subscription myself, wish somebody had shared their referral with me :slight_smile:

(Full disclosure, I get a $100 kickback if you use the referral link to redeem 20% off.)

Some of the main benefits of a paid subscription,

  • Rapid movements in gcode which reduce your cut time
  • Use of helpful features like Arrange
  • Many others
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I tried to PM you here but your profile is hidden.

Hey Alan,

you can go to your own profile, choose " :e-mail: Messages", then click on the blue “New message” button on the left bottom, and then insert a recipient by clicking on “Add a user…”.

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I messaged you @Alphonse, not sure if you got it.
No idea why my profile is hidden :frowning:

@Alphonse noticed that Autodesk actually has a 30% off sale right now.
That’s an even better deal!
These sales come and go, so catch it while you can.

My referral link should work even after the current sale ends.
Let me know if it doesn’t.

Did you click on the “do not disturb” option under your My Profile dropdown when clicking on your avatar?