Fusion 360 Poll - Free vs Paid, What are you using?

So a question to my fellow fusion 360 users. Are you using the free version or a paid version?

I have been using fusion 360 for several years with my 3D printing and have loved it but I am just getting started with the cam portions. I already a little disappointed at some of the limitations such as not being able to change the tool orientation. (I had to remodel my waste board.) Possibly there are work arounds that I have to figure out but I am interested to hear everyone else thoughts and positions.

@OnefinityCNC Have you guys considered doing subforums for some of the more popular software options (i.e CAD (Design) Software > Fusion 360)? Might help users find what they need quicker.

Interested in hearing from @ConvenientWoodwork @cyberreefguru @TDE @blaghislain @MikeH @UTLONGHORN @MindOfMcClure @muddyfeet @wolfkabal specially. Sorry if I missed anyone just tagged some of the individuals who post have been especially useful to me, the forum limited me to ten.

Thanks for the tag!

I’m going to be a little short in this post for now since I’m trying to keep tabs on my toddler at the moment and I am typing this on my phone, but I will come back and edit this later when I’m on a computer.

I use the free version and the only thing that irritates me so far is I don’t get rapid moves in CAM.

As far as reorienting the tool is concerned, you don’t need to! You can model in any orientation and then just change the coordinate system direction in the manufacturing workspace. When you configure the setup the first tab has a drop-down where you can select to use the model coordinate system or various other options. If that doesn’t make sense let me know and I can grab some screenshots when I’m on the computer later.

Edit: Just remembered you can also change your sketch plane in the design tab too if you need to reorient a model after the fact.

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I ended up purchasing my copy - there was a sale, and I had intentions of selling things (which technically violates the free use license) - had nothing to do with feature access.

Today, Fusion defaults to a “z-up” drawing - which makes orienting things much simpler. In the CAM portion you can set up your stock/model to orient in any of the 3 axis - as Nick mentioned above.

I like the CAM model as well - I can pull apart a multi-piece model and lay out onto a single stock piece all of the parts. Makes cutting multiple things out of a sheet of plywood much simpler. I modeled a clamp rack, and could lay out the 3 pieces onto a single sheet and cut them out in one job. Decided to change the dimensions - and the design change rippled through everything cleanly.

I use V-Carve for inlays, or other things that take a v-carve, and for any 3-D work. But things I draw from scratch are all done in Fusion.

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Ooh Mike you’re going to have to share about how to nest a multi-part model in CAM. That is a trick I was not aware of.

Check out this video: Fusion 360 - Auto arrange parts on sheet - YouTube

Fusion came out with a (pretty expensive for me) add-on that will automatically put parts in multiple sheets - but the manual process listed here is available in the base package.

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I have some ideas for inlays that I am really looking forward to. Is this difficult to do with fusion? Should I purchase V-Carve as well?

Also I realize there are multiple ways to address a problem in many programs but at the same time I don’t want to spend hours tinkering with something that can be done in a matter of minutes in another program.

Inlays are really easy in V-Carve. I followed this tutorial: The VCarve Inlay Technique - YouTube

It likely can be done in Fusion, but it would be harder.

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I think someone on the forum here has a tutorial for inlays using fusion. You could search for and see if that’ll work for you before buying vcarve.

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Personal edition (free) but I’m considering a paid version for the “arrange” feature in the manufacturing model.

You are right, I forgot to tag @chips. He did a detailed breakdown on using Fusion for V-Carve inlays.

I’m using the ‘Free’ version but still only at the basic stage of Design/Cam. It is certainly a challenging program to come to grips with but that’s part of the enjoyment of learning something so highly regarded in the CAD/CAM world. The limitations of the ‘Free’ version, especially, the ‘no rapids’ do not overly worry me as time is not an issue . I also use VCarve Pro for most of my designs as that is what I have been using for the greater period of time.

I use the free Version; I have done many years: auto layout would be nice (only in subscription) but otherwise I get by. Just found out I can’t output my drawings which must be a relatively recent change.

I think you can still print to pdf as a workaround!

Really like the subforum suggestion. I am teaching myself F360, and have used it to design and print my 1F accessories. CAM will be next once I am up and running.