Fusion 360 license comparison

If you’ve not looked at Fusion 360 due to cost, this video might be worth a look. Lots of people aren’t away that you can get it for free or almost free…

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I taught myself Fusion a few years ago when I bought my first 3D printer, then used it to help design parts for my first CNC. I use it solely now for my CAD/CAM. It is all I know, and the free version does everything I want at the moment. Before I retired from teaching, I was able to use the educator license, which was great. I have gotten used to the feed rate and tool change limitations (there are some PP workarounds), and don’t mind it being cloud based, or the fear of Autodesk slowly stripping more free features from me. I use video tutorials and the Autodesk forum for support, but happily am finding I am remembering more on my own, and needing support now mostly when I need to solve a problem not encountered before.

Enjoying your videos, and appreciate the time you put in to producing them.

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Thank you! I hope this stuff is helping people, which is mostly what I’m trying to do, now that I’ve retired myself. I feel like this is a great group of people who are doing good that, I can it’s great to help them solve problems.


What workaround are you using for the ATC limitation?

I have not used it in quite a while, as I began modifications to my CNC that lasted a long time. I am soon ready with my new setup and will use it again.

It makes use of subroutines. Here is a link to the discussion in the Masso forum. It was Arie (@breezy) that helped me, and made a modified PP to incorporate subroutines.

Help with g code to combine separate F360 toolpaths with different tools into one file

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So, if I already have my Autodesk collection subscription, which includes Fusion, should I use this instead of the Carveco product, now that my license has expired? I am clueless about fusion.

I sounds like you could. It’s very powerful and probably at least worth a look.