24W QUAD PRO LASER - Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

24W QUAD PRO LASER - Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger
The most powerful J Tech laser yet. Is it possible to combine four 7W laser diodes together in one laser? J Tech says YES!

Introducing the most advanced diode laser available on the market. The J Tech Photonics QUAD PRO 24W laser is here!


Already out of stock on the website, and this JUST posted.

I believe the post said they will start accepting orders on Cyber Monday (November 28th).

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exactly. :stuck_out_tongue: All our announcements this week will start preorders Monday the 28th :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty impressive laser.

I’d like to see more videos.The smoke and burning seems to make the details fuzzy in what’s shown here. I can’t tell from these examples if that will sand away without also sanding finer details.

Dammit. I just recieved my 14W and the box is sitting on my table, wish I saw this first!

Is there a program for trading up LASER?
I have the 7w and would like to upgrade to 24w

Given that these involve electronics my guess is that trade ups will not be an option. I am sure 1F staff will give the definitive answer shortly.

Says on the website no trade ins


There are no trade ins for any lasers.

Its very cool but I’m not sure of the practical application of a diode laser at this power level. Mostly I’d be concerned about longevity of the hardware as well as safety in an unenclosed environment. What is lifespan for the module and is there any warranty?

Same warranty of all the other lasers we sell, 1 year.

I’m in the same boat. I’ve literally had my laser less than a week!

It would be nice to see more videos on different surfaces. For example can it engrave stone.

What is the benefit of buying through onefinity vs jtech direct? Their black Friday sale makes it a bit cheaper (likely equivalent to free shipping).

So laser, z-axis, and new leg kit should all be considered 1 new product? (this is in response to DanK but that comment may have been deleted.

those are 3 very different products.

I was referring to the two different sizes of QCW Fixed Stands and the leg kit. It’s a stand. Want the small one or the big one? With or without legs? One product, two sizes, plus an option for legs.

@OnefinityCNC, I saw a response that is now gone… The main difference I saw visually was the mounting bracket. What other differences are there between the 1f custom and the generic jtech with 1f mounting option?