24Watt ? Can it engrave as well as 7?Watt


2 Quick questions.

  1. can the 24 watt engrave as well as a 7 watt?
  2. wait time on 7,14,24 ?



Take a look at my post on the 24w. I just got mine I. The mail and have been running a bunch of tests. In my opinion it does engrave as well as the 7w, and at faster speeds. 1F is advertising 3-4 weeks on the 24 but still states that “all other accessories”, to include the 7 and 14w ship in about a week. I ordered my 24w 30 minutes after the sale of them opened the day they were released and I received my unit right at the end of the 4 week mark.

Hope this helps.

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I checked out your burn tests .
Good stuff, thanks for the help.