3D designs for Vetrics Pro?

I’ve created a couple of nice things with my Onefinity Journeyman X-50. I’m looking to create some more. Does anyone know of any decently priced sites other than CNC Planet Art for files?

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You can hava a view on

On Etsy you can check


I ve never bought and machined some 3d model from these providers, I plan to test it later.

Enjoy and post some feedback if tou can, I ll appreciate

I have used Etsy several times over the years. Below is a seller I have purchased from more than once.

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@Matticustard can you please advise about the bits you re using to machine 2.5d models ?
And the settings you recommand for a good result such as this one

Much appreciated

When I got my Onefinity I purchased the Jenny bit package. It comes with a 1/4” end mill bit for rough passes and a 1/32” skinny jenny round nose for a finish pass. The Onefinity accessories page has a link with the feeds and speeds for each.
Hope that helps you out and happy making

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For something like the model you linked, I would probably use a tapered ball nose — something with a fine tip like the Amana Tool - 46280 for nice results. I purchase mainly Amana or Whiteside bits. Both companies offer detailed specs for their tools, including feed and speed recommendations via their website or VCarve tool library. I use those specs as a starting point before dialing in for a specific machine, or a specific material.

There are, of course, less expensive bits that can be had and which can do a nice a job, but I do not have any information I can share in that regard.

The “Skinny Jenny” round nose mentioned above would also be a good choice.

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Here are some sites that I have bookmarked:




I think the skinny Jenny is actually 1/16" at the tip.