3d models (STL) because I have trust issues

I am looking for a 3d model of a dragonfly. I found the same STL on cult3d and etsy at quite different prices. I also am not sure if either are reputable.

Are there reputable sources for STL files? There are various FB groups and pages but they all seem sketchy to me so I am leery to move forward. I did not care for the single option on Design & Build from Vectric.

Are these trustworthy locations or are they just people hocking things they found elsewhere? I also struggle with the amount of theft and resale in our space which I would rather not propagate.


The files I have purchased on Etsy have proven to be good ones but I will always test them in my Vetric software using the simulation feature. If it simulates without issue then I will run it.


I’ve read in various places that cult3d is a legitimate site, although I’ve not personally used them. I’ve also read that designers upload to multiple sites… whether true or not I’ve wondered too, but pricing I’ve found to be crazy, typically Etsy being less expensive if you can find it.

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This site has some free files!

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Well I took a gamble and did the etsy purchase. Only issue I had getting the file was I had to unblock Russia on my router while I did the download.