4x4’ and 4x8’ sizes

PLEASE offer your X50 products in 4x4’ and 4x8’ sizes, or at the very least an upgrade kit (à la Genmitsu). Whether cutting much larger projects (signs, long items, etc) or just wanting to make larger batches for efficiency, as makers expand their business and capability, the need for half-sheet and full-sheet cutting becomes more and more present. Thank you!


I agree with you on this. I hope they can give a solution soon.

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Hear hear!

Would love to buy an onefinity machine but it would have to be a full size one!

4x8 would be huge and not sure the tubes/screws on the Y would really be able to handle double the distance. These machines are great though, so I understand how/why you would want bigger. For my purposes the X50 is a game changer. They may be working on longer travel… who knows.

I’m guessing they certainly could build a 4’ x 8’, and even the X50 tubes may be sufficient. But at that length the screws may be a bit small (if they’re even available in that length). Screw whip becomes a thing. As you add substantial length to a screw, you need to increase diameter. At that point a rack & pinion drive may be considered, but the design becomes a bit more complex than it currently is. Either way, I’d expect to pay at least 3x to 4x what the current machine costs. Certainly though, a 4’ x 4’ could be pretty easy to offer based on their current production components.


Sorry to hijack, I just noticed your profile picture Bill, and that looks like you have some shields blocking your Y rails from your cut area? How effective has that been for you?

Kyle, it’s been very effective so far, and much easier to work with than my previous setup. It was just sort of dumb-luck that they quite literally fell into place the way they did. I only had to add a couple small brackets to the wood backstop piece to hold the 1/4" vinyl plank flooring pieces into place. The were just a couple scrap pieces I had left over from doing the floor in my shop. Was very recently thinking that I might make them a couple inches taller to better shield the screws & upper Y rails.

(Note that dust collector mount portion of steel Z axis support plates have been removed.)