Request for a larger CNC Machine

If Onefinity brought out a CNC to cut a full size sheet (2400x1200mm) i would buy it right away. It would give me much more versatility and allow me to work faster and more economically.
Anyone else agree?

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I agree! We need a 4x8 machine as it will expand our manufacturing capabilities 10 fold!

a4x8 machine would be very different than the onefinity type round tube design. the stiffening would have to be ten times what it is now for eight foot plus rails. I would not count on it coming out anytime soon. besides that is not a hobby machine which is what onefinity specializes in. I like onefinity just the way it is.


Hey Murray, hey Doug @DougiD, hey Robert,

absolutely. If you want to get into the furniture industry, you should buy a T-Rex or a Raptor.

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