4x4 4x8 machines with spindle options

I would be interested if onefinity goes the route that avid does and offer 4x4 and 4x8 machines as well as larger spindle options, nema 34 stepper motors, and an auto tool changer. I would much rather buy something like this from onefinity. What are the chances of this route in the future?

From what I have read, when you get to a CNC as large as a 4X8, the better solution (many articles discuss this) is to use linear rails and bearing blocks over rods and linear bearings. I can not see 1F in the near future making such a major shift to the mechanics of their machine - although they have shown the ability to be quite innovative in a short time period. I am sure others with real world experience with CNCs in home and/or commercial environments can add relevant details and opinions.

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I would assume that it’s possible to upgrade the Y rails to 50mm to make a 4x4 machine. But it looks like it’s about $800 to do just the X rail and there’s twice as many Y rails. So if 1F did make a 4x4 machine it would probably be in the $4k range. One of the things that drew me to the 1f was it’s price. $2k for a very well built machine. If they did make a 4x4 machine people would then want a better controller, at least one more axis, and possibly automatic tool changes. One of the hardest things to do as a business is to not grow too big too fast. As it is they are struggling to keep up with their current offerings.


I would really like them to perfect the machine and it’s software before that happens, personally. And honestly, you can just replace the honed tubes for the length your looking for - McMaster is your friend :wink:

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