A way to increase speed

Is there any way to have a button to increase the speed or slow it down ?

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@MyersWoodshop stated in one of videos he has put in a feature request for that. I know I would like to see that also.

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not at this time. We’re looking at adding that feature.


I would also like to see an option to increase the feed rate on the fly from the controller. This would allow you to start conservatively and increase until you felt it was optimal

Agreed. For me usually too aggressive and slow it down, rather than stopping and restarting

I agree we need a way to increase or decrease the feed speed from the controller without having to stop and regenerate gcode.

Just ordered mine today but I use a program called Candle as a gcode sender. You can slow it down or increase the feed rate as well as pause it. On that program I have the Z set to the 1 for increments on the program so when I pause the project I just up the Z about 5 clicks UP and turn the spindle off. When I’m ready to start again I turn the spindle on and hit the Z DOWN five times and hit pause again and away I go. Just thought I’d throw that out there as I have no idea how the OneFinitty works.


It won’t work, as the sender is built into the controller.

Cant you use a laptop with OneFinity that runs CANDLE or UGS

You cannot.

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