Editing GCode on the fly

Is there a way to break into the controller software and allow the use of more than just the onefinity dashboard?

Second and really much more important to me right now - is there a way to pause and edit GCode on the fly during a carve ? For example if the feed rate is too low - instead of starting all over again from scratch, I would prefer to be able to pause the process, change the feed rate and continue on. Otherwise I need to pause, take not of what line I am on, go back to my original file on my computer, edit the file to change the speed, remove all the lines already processed, transfer the file via usb for a third time, then load the file and run. Crazy process.

Now if I could at least edit the file on the controller then I wouldn’t have to go back to my house to edit all the info. Did I mention my design computer is in the house two blocks away and the cnc in a garage that I have to drive to from the house? Now maybe you can see why I would want to do this :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks all.


No. But the elite machines with the masso controller would allow you to do this.

Thank you. Maybe someone will come up with a work around :wink: It would cost less to build a new controller I guess.

Hey Chris,

I think changing feed rate on the fly is the most-missed capability on the Onefinity Original Series Controller / Buildbotics Controller.

You can, however, operate the Onefinity Original Series Controller from a remote location. The User Interface is a web page that you can control from any web browser on a computer connected remotely, and you can ssh into the controller to control the system from remote.

Most users connect a remote computer via an Ethernet cable or via WiFi locally, but of course there exist possibilities to export the ports for the UI and the ssh to the internet so that you can reach it from anywhere in the world. It’s a question of how to allow remote access on your internet router (you need some kind of internet access in your workshop of course).

This is the advantage over the Elite/Masso.

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Maybe someone with more technically ability will someday crack it open and show us all how to make it work.

Hey Chris,

you mean changing feedrate on the fly? Someone with more technically ability is not the problem. What would be needed is that someone wants to do it, someone that has a reason to do this work. The creators of the Buildbotics Controller seem not to do it soon

I would not wait for it on the Onefinity/Buildbotics Controller. It may be…

8 am not a very proficient Linux user but I will certainly look it up. Maybe it will help keep my mind from going feeble as I get older :grin:

Hey Chris,

besides remote control of UI and ssh login via Ethernet or WiFi, the Onefinity/Buildbotics Controller also allows to open a terminal window by typing Ctrl-T Ctrl-C on the UI (you need to attach a USB keyboard to type this). You can exit this shell with “exit”. In this terminal window, you can become root with the command "sudo -i" and then you can use the “nano” text editor which is installed. With this text editor, you can edit your g-code file in the machine and re-run it from the UI again then.

The g-code files reside in /var/lib/bbctrl/upload

Alternatively, you could have a laptop with your CAD/CAM software with you in the workshop, and a short ethernet cable, and run the Onefinity UI on this laptop too (by visiting http://onefinity.local in the laptop’s web browser). You could then adjust the g-code file on your CAD/CAM software (if you don’t like editing raw g-code with a text editor). When using the UI in a web browser on the laptop, you don’t need a USB drive for uploading of a file into the Onefinity Controller, you simply choose the upload button on the UI and a file dialog which shows your laptop’s filesystem opens, where you can select your g-code file.

Running the Onefinity UI on a computer connected via WiFi or Ethernet also has the advantage that you can see the 3D toolpath simulation, which you don’t see on the touch display on the machine:

Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you for the extra added info. I am so new to this but trying to jump in both feet and not break my legs :slight_smile: So far its an interesting ride.

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