Ability to control speed while cutting

Unless I just haven’t found this feature, it would be very helpful if the speed of the machine could be adjusted up and down to finetune the cutting while the machine is operating. Sometimes I feel like the bit is moving too slow or too fast but my only option is to stop, go back to Vcarve, make an adjustment, and re-output the file.


Are you talking about movement or cutting speed?

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I’m talking about X/Y movement. Since I’m only using the router, I know I can control the bit speed anytime I want.

Jeff - it’s not currently available but it has been noted before as a desirable feature.



I’m glad to hear that. I thought I’d seen a discussion about it a while ago but when I didn’t find the topic here I wasn’t sure. I came to Onefinity from Shapoko, using Carbide Make, and it was a very helpful feature to have - especially for someone learning.

It would be nice to adjust on the fly, but my problem is, in the g code it shows the plunge rate and feed rate like I have set up in my Aspire, but when transferred to the controller, it shows 90 as the feed, regardless of the file I uploaded

Your copy of Aspire is pirated and is causing your issues.


Agreed 100%.This is really an essential feature that I have on my homebuilt CNC and truly miss it for dialing in the fine line between cutter efficiency and job completion.

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Can we add the ability to move Z during a carve as well.

Do you mean while it is paused?

That wasn’t what I had in mind. If I feel like the X/Y movement is too slow or too fast I’d like to be able to speed it up or slow it down without having to stop the cut.

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Sorry Jeff, I was trying to reply to Kneepit’s comment about moving Z. This forum software is a bit weird.

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Single block would be very nice as well when proving out programs. Yes it would be a pain in the neck with a touchscreen but it would still be nice. As well as the feed override.

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Yes this is very important to have and for such a pricey CNC, it should have it. So please Onefinity add this to the software.