Adjustable feedrate and spindle speed

It would be nice to be able to make a percent adjustment to feed rates while running, and to adjust spindle speed while running.


I couldn’t agree more. Being able to increase/decrease the feed rate of a carving while it is running would be a great way to help you set the optimal feed rate for your project. Mach 3 has this feature for both the feed rate and spindle rpm. Of course you can adjust the rpm of a Makita on the fly and if you have a VFD driven spindle then there is almost always a manual RPM adjustment options available there. So in reality, for most of us, if OneFinity could add an option for a feedrate override, I think that would awesome.


I think another nice option would be keyboard shortcut controls for Jogging. Want to really go all out, make them assignable by the end user with an option for slow jog and fast jog. I know that the great folks at OneFinity have their number one priority on getting all the machines sent out as quickly as possible to all the customers who are currently pacing the floor and drooling in anticipation. They are right to do so, this machine is simply amazing! I think that when they get caught up, the will have more time to consider software enhancements. Till then, I’m thrilled with what I have.


Well i just got my machine and my first cut was a Wastboard flatten. TOOK 3 Hours.

We really need a feed rate Override Option. And soon.



Agreed this should be a priority feature addition!


After doing some digging last night on the web interface, there are stubs created for future implementation of this in the buildbotics layer. So at least this is not a new thought. The fields are hidden on the controller interface but there. I do feel this is a very nice feature to have. Although based on this link from their forum, may be a bit more challenging to implement

I would love this feature. This is the one think I miss from running Carbide Motion (the only thing I miss).


I agree with all above, for large or detailed projects this is a must.


My first run of new G-code is to optimize the cut through listening to the sounds from the spindle and adjusting the feed and spindle rpm. Not having the ability to change these parameters while cutting is a real disappointment. If the feature could be added it would be an important addition to the controller.

Please hurry and build my machine to.


I feel like this feature is not likely to happen anytime soon. There is mention of it in the HTML file but it seems the way the controller works is by front loading the file and planning movements at that point. The HTML file has pretty much every G & M code for LinuxCNC in it, but a bunch are ‘Unimplemented’. I don’t think this means that the controller is capable of all of these commands in the future. So, on the fly adjustments to feed is going to be a tall task. I think it would have to be a big overhaul on how the controller runs files to make this happen.

However, I’m kind of surprised that there hasn’t been an on-the-fly speed adjustment released for spindles, that seems quite doable.

I would like this feature as well.

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Big +1 on this from me. A lot of OF users, including me, are learning CNC, and the opportunity to explore the machine’s range of sounds and performance without endless cycles of generating new nc’s would be huge!


Bump bump bump bump bump bump !


Yes please add adjustable feed rate.

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+1 Enthusiastic bump!

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Bump! +1 for me too.
Makes for a much safer experience.

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I did a little source code hunting, and found that there are feed and speed overrides already in the UI, just hidden with some CSS. View source on the control page and search for override_feed and you’ll see the references. Have not tried to change them yet, but can confirm the backend code seems to be in place to pass those values deeper into the backend. If I get a minute to run a program in the air, I’ll report back to see if these work.

The lack of feed adjustment is my only real gripe about my OneFinity.

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And it should be adjustable to increase past 100% as well as slow down…

Finally made a minute to test. (I know, I’m speedy.)
adjusting the CSS does show slider controls for speed and feed override. Adjusting them does make an API post request that looks like this:
when setting feed to 154%, and the response is a 200 “ok”. The actual feeds don’t change however, indicating that there is something else missing.

I’ll keep looking.

The error exists within the AVR code, not the webserver. The feed override is a multiplier, and is set but never used. I suspect this line needs to be modified:
ex.velocity = v;
to something like
ex.velocity = v * ex.feed_override;
in order for it to pay attention to the override value.

That’s all the exporation time I have at the moment. I’d love this feature. Imagine using the d-pad buttons on the controller to adjust it up and down by 5%, and seeing the new feedrate show on the screen. There is also the potential for reading a value from an analog input to set the value.

So, if somebody reads this that has the power to deliver on the TODO’s within the code for feed rate override, please consider this as a valuable update.