Max Feed Rate for Onefinity CNC

Does anyone know what the max feed rate for the Onefinity is? I’ve read that the max rapid move rate is 500 Inches per minute but I’m guessing it doesn’t cut at that speed. I’m trying to program a cutout in wood but I’m not sure how fast I can run my machine.

Chris, about the feed rates.
Even though a machine can move at lightning speed (ex: 500 in/min). You can’t really cut at that speed.
Here is a scenario as an example.
Your base speed is 500
Your programmed cut speed is +-100 ( this depends on the size of endmill, depth of cut and stepover) etc etc

Once the machine has finished a cut at 100, it will move to the next cut location at 500.
The 1F post processor should/will enter the max federate automatically. You can always edit if necessary… and the acceleration (jerk factor) too.

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Hey, Thanks Chris.

I’m a complete beginner to CNC. I actually tried running it at 220 in/min yesterday thinking that going about half of the base speed was a safe cut :sweat_smile: . Don’t know if it actually went that speed but it sounded pretty bad so I stopped and did some research into how fast to run it. At the most I’ll probably ever go at ±100 in/min like what you are saying. When I get more experience I’ll try to see if it could go higher than that. I also got the post processor you mentioned. Thanks for your help.

Hey Chris - the feed rate depends on the type of end mill you are using and the material you are cutting. In reality, 220 is a decent feed rate for certain types of wood, and certainly something like Acrylic. I’ve not pushed my machine that far yet, but I do plan to and post a video on the results. Marius Hornberger recently did a rather long video on various feed rates and bits that I found fairly compelling. But there are a ton of videos on YouTube about feed rate vs materials - best to stick to folks discussing entry-level machines though, the manufacture recommended DOC and feed rates generally will not work too well on hobbyist machines. Winston Moy (via the Carbide Create channel) has some really great videos with solid recommendations - I think it’s part of “Material Monday” series. Hope this helps.