Pausing a run - needs fixing

Pausing the machine while in the middle of a run may cause you grief and a new bit. This needs to be fixed ASAP. When running a file you will at some point need to temporarily stop or ‘pause’ the machine (for one of several reasons) and then have the ability to continue the run to continue and finish. The problem is, the OneFinity will simply stop dead in it’s tracks and shut off the router while the bit is in the wood and not retract Z immediately as other CNC controller software do. The problem really presents itself when you continue. Since the bit is not turning and you ‘continue’ the machine immediately begins to move along it’s tool-path at the same time the router is powering up and not up to speed yet. If you did this using a 1/8" bit, it would probably snap. The fix is for the software to stop the machine toolpath and the router AND retrack the Z an inch or so. Then when you hit continue, the machine has a little time to come up to speed before it continues the tool-path. Actually, the best fix when the pause is hit is to stop everything, retract the Z and allow you to move the tool out of the way. Then when you wish to continue, the machine remembers where it was (XYZ), moves to that location, start the tool (router) and wait for user input to continue. Without this fix the pause is useless because the reason I usually hit PAUSE is to examine the cut, bit or other and I can’t do that with the tool head in the way. I’m surprised this feature is not already in the software as it is in every other CNC controller software, Food for thought


It also needs to send out a stop command to the VFD then a Start when continuing.

Yes there are a few things that need fixing for sure

The Feed hold function is a feature request. Take time to add your voice there also.