Everything freezes when file cancelled

Am I missing something?
Since the last update; if I start a carve and see something amiss, I hit the pause button, then the stop button (not the e-stop). Then I can not jog any of the x,y,z axis. Am I missing something here?

Spes I believe if you pause you can make all the changes you need (with joy pad if appropriate) and then push play to get restarted,


I can’t jog the machine in any direction if job is cancelled. X,Y,and Z. I have to reboot and re-home the machine at that point.

On the facebook 1F page, others have experienced this same issue since the latest update. Does 1F know of this now?

During pause you could never move the machine.

I paused, then cancelled. Machine won’t move without rebooting and homing.

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Press stop again and I think that does the trick

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same here. First pause and then cancelled.

So I thought maybe I left “tool” on laser when I went to carve something. So I went out to see, “Tool” set to Makita router. Start file. Pause. Hit stop (twice). I am then able to jog machine, but all the on screen buttons are then grayed out. I hit play again and got this error message.
HELLO ONEFINITY at least respond to this.

While @OnefinityCNC does lurk and often respond… Emailing support is likely the best approach at this point. Video of the process may also help on of us identify what is occurring.

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This has happened to me once as well since the upgrade. The status showed JOGGING instead of READY. Had to reboot to fix it.


I talked to 1f. They suggested hitting the pause then stop buttons too soon to each other may cause it.
I haven’t had it happen again.