New bug (for me, at least)

I am performing an engrave operation but I have my Z set slightly above the work just so I can verify everything is lined up. The router is off, and I press play to begin the program. After a couple seconds I pause to verify alignment and everything looks good. I hit play and the router goes off sideways (thankfully not down!). The controller has put itself in “jogging” mode and is no longer following the gcode. I am unable to jog using the on-screen buttons or the controller, nor will it home. I press the on-screen e-stop and then clear it and the motors now read “shutdown”. Reboot the controller a couple of times and things finally go back to normal.

I think similar has happened to me a couple of times but appeared random and unrepeatable (well I can’t really remember the sequence of events in detail) and I didn’t have time to investigate I was just pleased I could get it back to an operable state.

This is the second time I’ve had the motors “shutdown” during what was otherwise normal operation, but the first time it went into “jogging” mode in the middle of a program.

Bumping this up. Unfortunately I did not pay attention to what led to this.

I had the situation that the on-screen display was stuck in “Jogging” and the only solution I found was rebooting. That was a bummer because I had set the workpiece zero and was between runs. I was able to reposition by noting down the X/Y/Z and then after reboot using the MDI to set the former zero precisely (by moving -X-Y-Z, then zeroing).

@davidsmith had a similar issue a few days ago. His thread is here

Hey Nick
Onefinity sent me a new controller and I am up and running again
Thanks again
Seems like it was something internal and my machine was just purchased
Super happy with the machine and the support
Great company off to a great start

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Yes, frustrating in the middle of a 3+ tool change, and I’ve got to scrap the pieces cause I can’t perfectly re-zero. I’ve tried taking a pic of the zero positions, and then attempting to land on them again, but it’s not been perfect with precise things like chamfers needing to hit the previous milling.

You must be deliberate in waiting a few seconds when touching play/pause/stop. It takes a few seconds to ‘clear’ inside the controller. If you do them to quickly, the controller thinks you’re trying to do a command while it’s already executing a command.

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Thanks for the clarification. I have submitted a stepping feature request.