Error: Cannot enter running cycle while in jogging cycle

I updated to onefinity-1.0.9.tar

I just stopped a file. I am unable to load a new file or restart the existing file. I can move around with the wireless controller.
Am I missing something? I rather not restart the machine.

I believe pressing the stop button twice will free it up.


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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Double stop button didn’t work. I did press Pause and then Stop right after each other, that could be it.

I’ve got the same issue. Gets stuck in “jogging” mode if I stop or pause a cut and I end up having to reboot. Pressing the STOP key 2x does not work; pressing the STOP key slowly or deliberately does not work.

I am able to jog the spindle head, but I cannot zero any axis.

It’s a raspberry pi thing. See this FAQ for answer. Short version press square stop once and only once and wait.

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That’s good to know. I’ve had to reset my machine a couple times from that issue which sucks because you lose zero. You’d think the button could be grayed out and disabled until the buffer is cleared so this doesn’t happen.