Stopping a Run and then jogging should not break software

If i start a cnc run, then stop it mid run, then use the remote controller to move around the CNC, the state gets logged in jogging and I can no longer play or upload, I have to restart.

Seems like a bug. Not sure where to report these.

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I haven’t yet used the 1F/Buildbotics controller, but on the Mach3/Mach4 controller on other CNC machines, once you Stop the program it ends execution and cannot be resumed. In order to pause a program, you hit the Feed Hold button. It can then later be resumed from the paused point. Looking at the Buildbotics documentation, it looks like you accomplish the same thing with the Pause button. Hitting Stop halts execution and exits the program.

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The best rule of thumb is to never stop or pause a cutting run unless it’s an emergency.

Oh this is useful; thanks.

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Did you stop it or pause it?