Pause during carve

How do I pause during a carve without having to start all over ?
Thx in advance.

Push the pause button (play button turns into a pause button while running)

If I shut down and turn off the controller will it pick back up where I left off at ? Or do I have to start all over ? Thx

Leave it running. Do not shut down the controller

Hope this isn’t hijacking, but I was just getting ready to post this question –
I can see needing to use pause fairly often given my hobbyist work habits and short attention span. Are there certain types of operations where using pause is “better” than others? Types of cuts that I should avoid pausing?

I wouldn’t really rely on “pause” in your workflow to be honest. If you know you’ll need to regularly stop the job to do something, it’s best to program it that way. Pause is more for - “oh crap is that not cutting where I thought?” or “Did I chip the end mill?” - pause to inspect.

Note pause does NOT pause immediately, it finishes out the GCODE line it’s currently processing - so if that happened to be a G02/G03 ARC it will finish the path before pausing.

If you know you’ll need to stop and either adjust work holding or measure/inspect. I’d break the job up into multiple parts. Do not risk being exposed to a machine mid-job and relying on “pause” - if you’re going to be interacting with the workpiece.


Thanks, Tim, I take your point, but this was more about two hours left on carve and momma just called to say supper is ready.

I have paused overnight and it just picked up where it left off. Wasn’t a problem. If you lose electricity then you will have a problem.

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So it’s ok to pause, shut router off, and leave power on to unit overnight?

Absolutely. My controller is generally on so I can load files to it on a whim when I amd multi tasking in the house.

Do you leave the monitor on all that time as well?

Nope. I turn the monitor off


Thanks everybody. This is very helpful to know.

I have left my monitor on many times without a problem.

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