Spindle to pause

I would love the opportunity to pause my 1.5Kw water cooled spindle and go to bed. With routers you have the on/off switch. Not so with the spindle. I have my spindle/VFD routed through the breakout board, but there is no way to pause the carve and … come back in the morning and continue. If one is doing a 15-18 hour carve. basically if you have a spindle you either have to stay up or don’t do the carve. I would love on the next patch to be given the setup option of router or spindle, should you chose the spindle option there should be a “spindle pause” button, this should disengage the spindle, raise it to the top of the ‘Z’ axis and disconnect all commands to the VFD so you can turn off your VFD. When you click the ‘RESUME’ button (having turned your VFD back on) because the program spools up the spindle again, as when you started the initial carve. Please sort this out.


Well if your looking for an ON/OFF switch for your spindle thats similar to a router, then just install one - It’s literally cutting off the supply power. You can either install a disconnect before or after your VFD in a typical setup.

But if your talking about a pause action - Yeah, their still working on that I hear.

All vfd must never be switched between output and the spindle it will destroy the electronics in the vfd, says in all the manuals no MCS no breakers no air switches no isolators on the output of a vfd to spindle, take care

I just want the spindle to be able to pause. NOT turn off the VFD. Is this possible.?

Yes but you have to tell the vfd that the control buttons on the front are ware the control will be from.
If you use the nc code from 1f then you can’t do this as it’s all run from the code.
I’ll update this with what program number if you like you change.

It seems to me you have a couple options that currently would work. One you can configure your VFD to enable the control panel when you are going to do a very long cut. Or you could split up your code into 2 or 3 parts to avoid a very long cut.

Thank you. But please explain it in step by step instructions.