Spindle Pause Command

Maybe this is there somehow and im not aware, but id love the ability to Pause a cut/carve and spin down the spindle. Resume at a later date/time.
Thinking of doing a multi day carve, and dont want to run it all night long.


Just hit pause on the screen. But I’m not sure if it will time out overnight. Haven’t tried that yet. But it has paused for a good length of time to figure something out and then resumed.

The machine will pause, I can turn off the vac, but the spindle continues to spin at 20500 rpm. And because its a pause, the MIDI doesnt allow a spindle power down command.
obviously with the makita router, just switch it off and move on… spindle is totally diff.

I see. Maybe if you add a shutoff switch to spindle cord you could override the controller.

Yeah, i thought about that, but then I think the spindle speed command would not have been set, so when it comes back on line, it would be off, with no way to turn it on. Its not a huge deal, but really long cuts, it would be nice to pause :slight_smile:

I was trying the exact same thing today. I would like to do a long carve over a couple of days. If it ran all night my family would shoot me! Hey Onefinity Engineers, or anyone here does anyone have a way we can do this?

Not a way to stop the spindle when you hit pause but you have the option of breaking a very large file into several smaller files and running one part at a time.

Assuming you are using the ModBus to VFD for spindle control and you have a VFD that allows it, you can use Intelligent Input Modes to set up a path to get a spindle pause when needed.

On a Hitachi VFD, these are called Intelligent Input Terminals. You configure the VFD in a way that the pause is initiated with a switch. Mine is currently set up this way using “Force Terminal Mode”.

I don’t think the HY VFDs have this capability but I personally have no experience with them.


Hey Alan, hey all,

I wrote a short description of the spindle pause command option here

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