Hit stop, now what?

I hit the stop button on the interface (square icon, not the e-stop). State: HOLDING, Message: User Stop, and the play button are all flashing yellow.

What can I do now? Is there any way to resume? Or to cancel the current cut? I don’t want to e-stop or restart the controller and lose my zero positions.

if you wanted to pause the cut, you should hit pause, not stop. The play button turns into pause after you push play.

I understand. In this case I hit stop reactively as something was about to go wrong. I thought stop would stop the program, then let me use the machine again. I am fine starting the code from the beginning. But I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t be able to use the machine without e-stopping or restarting it. Is there a way to stop a program and then use the machine again?

you can start again after hitting the square stop button (but from the beginning of the file - you could edit the gcode to start close to where you left off.) If you hit the red e-stop you are out of luck and then need to rehome\rezero

Mine did nothing when I clicked the stop button again. If I recall correctly, it was grayed out and clicking it was not an option. Tried both on the controller and a connected PC.

Stop us stop… Pause allows resume. You need to push play after stopping and it will start again from the beginning

Pushing play had no effect.

That is odd… I have not had that same experience unless I use estop

I have the same issue here. Hitting STOP basically renders the machine unusable. The joystick seems inoperable and the MDI commands are all greyed out.

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Hey all,

this could be helpful:

FAQ: Controller unresponsive after using the pause or stop buttons

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Thanks. I’ll check if this is the case for me when I never have time to play with the machine. Merry Christmas!

I had the same problem: reflexively hit stop, and really double or triple press it to make sure. It has always been a coin flip on if it would stop normally or lock up ( and need a reboot). I returned my reflexes for single press and make sure I hovered over pause on every start (instead of stop)

On the good news front, 1.1.1 firmware fixed this. Unfortunately, all the issues with >1.0.9 has Onefinity recommending NOT to upgrade until they come out with a fix for the stuff the recent firmware upgrades makes unreliable.

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I had a chance to try it out on a dry run making sure to hit stop just once. The play button does go yellow for a bit but eventually the status says “ready” again. After that, trying to jog still doesn’t work. Under “Messages” it still indicates “Unable to jog while job is running.” I tried pausing, waiting for the status to go to “Ready” and then hitting Stop. Same result. I’m on an older firmware, though (1.0.8), and I’m reluctant to upgrade because of all the issues that seem to be related to newer versions.

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Hey www,

I always wondered why this bug (or code design flaw) is there at all. Usually when you try to write good code, you try to catch expectable user behaviour. It was clear that this long-known and extremely annoying behaviour could be fixed in firmware. But @Mitch is right, it was on their list now:

So you can look forward to it :slight_smile:

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Yeah seriously. I’ll probably start having a look at the firmware source at some point and see how it has diverged from the Buildbotics source. The development for fixes on the 1F firmware seems a bit slow.