Restart after stop

I have hit stop when I was 3/4 through a carve and the controller goes back to the beginning(first g code). Is there a way to start at a different point(line) in the file so you dont have to start from beginning to finish your project?

Hi Tim,
Did you hit the soft e-stop top right? That will restart your program and you lose your positioning. If you just want to pause and restart where you left off, you’d push the “pause” button which is the same as the play button toward the bottom left when it’s runnng.

This topic can be a little confusing because the Onefinity documentation isn’t the clearest, and also depends some on whether you have a router or spindle/VFD, so it’s come up in different ways in the forum if you search for “e-stop” or “pause” or something similar. You can also take a look at this recent post.

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down load codes onto notebook and erasing all the code to where you want to restart is easiest way or just dont push stop!