Restarting a job mid way through

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I was cutting out some hold down clamps tonight and ran into an issue. I had to hit the e-stop button and change out a bit. I would love to be able to start the job at the halfway point again vs running the toolpath from the beginning on areas that are already cut out. Is there a way to start at a specific point? If not, I can run the toolpath again and let it “ghost” cut until it gets back to the spot where I had to stop the job.



If you wanted to edit the g-code by hand you could do that, taking out the steps already done while leaving in place any setup steps still needed. Unless it is a multi-hour cut, it would be easiest to just run it again. Make sure your starting point is precisely the same as the first time.


Whenever that happens to my work, I revise my toolpath to disable the paths I have already cut and start with the closest where I stopped, This is very doabale if you havent changed the home and workpiece zeros.


I had to change to a different manufacturer’s bit (same sized 1/4” end mill). I redid my XYZ and when I ran the toolpath again, it was off about an 1/8”. I even redid the toolpath in VCarve using the new bit and imported it into the Onefinity, but same result. Any ideas?

I would read this:

Always a good idea to search the forum first to see if a question has already been asked. I find the earlier response are typically the most informative.

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