Restarting or trying to finish job

My job went south after 30 hours, lost the controller went blank tried to refresh it went through the side of frame. It only had 7 hours to go on the file was going to pause it again for the night.

Has anyone tried to continue a job. I was thinking trying tiling with vcarve pro.

I will have to try to figure out the starting position.

Any suggestions let me know. :frowning_face:

Brainstorming an idea with no actual machine time so take it for what it’s worth… What about making the frame the last tool path so you can always maintain your zero corner until the bitter end?
Awesome carve btw… Is it available? How did you create it?

Yeah, I was thinking I should have carved the frame last. The file is purchased from 3Dwave.

But I was thinking I can use two of my rulers and mount on the frame for the x and y (to help simulate the corner). I know the z was 1 inch easy enough to zero off another piece of wood.

Next time
Check how log it will take to do the job before starting.
Note the absolute position for X Y and Z.

Thought it was going to be 15 hours was what VCarve showed but I thought it said 13 hours missed the 1 in front of it.

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At least it is a clean cut… Easy to patch with an accent strip.

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Yes it is possible to resume a carving when it has been stopped either intentionally or un intentionally. The keys are knowing where it stopped in the gcode file and being able to establish the same X Y Z zero location that was set at the start of the carving. The OneFinity 3 axis touch plate will take care of zeroing issue. If you can determine where the carving was stopped in the gcode file then you delete most of the lines of code before that point. (Not including the first few lines that set parameters for carving). What you will be looking for is a line of code where the Z axis is raised up and not cutting anything at a location before the spot the carving was interrupted. This will become your first line after the initial parameter lines in you new gcode file. Done properly, your bit will move to a point just prior to where it stopped and start from there. It will cut air until it catches up with where it quit and then start cutting again. If you left your material in place you should not be able to detect the stoppage and finish your carving normally.

You can do a test run of the new recovery file without actually cutting anything by changing your Z0 height to be higher than the actual cutting height would be. Then when you run the file it will be correct in X and Y but high enough not to actually cut and you can observe what it will be doing. If it looks good then reset your Z0 to the original height and let it go.

I have employed this method of recovery before and had very good results. If you aren’t sure how to make the edits I will be happy to help. I will need the original tool path file and the line number that it stopped on. If you don’t know the exact line then estimate it but be sure it is well before where it actually stopped. I will edit the file and send it back to you with two versions. One to test it with a elevated Z axis that won’t cut and one that will actually resume the cutting.


Hi Charlie thanks for willing to assist in restarting, I forgot how, did it once with shapeoko, my bit broke here is the gcode and where it broke, thanks as usual

3D Finish 2.ngc (1.6 MB)

bit broke on line 28907

I am guessing you have moved on by now. I just now saw this message. I will edit the file and send it back anyway.

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3D Finish 2.ngc (1.1 MB)

This code restarts your carve and only air cuts less than a dozen lines before it gets to the line number you said it broke at.

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Ty I’d like to learn I’ll read it to learn

I can give you a call and explain it to you if you like. Unless you know what to look for you may not find the answers you want just by looking at the file I sent.

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Mr. Charlie I would love that as usual you’re the man when shall we hook up a phone call sir

How about after 6:00PM US Central time?

Charlie that’ll be great
Whenshall we set up a call

Charlie this evening is not good
Hows tomorrow or any evening after this I’m in church wed. And Sunday

Send me an email to with a phone number and date/time that is good for you and I will do my best to accommodate you.

It would be interesting if you could do a video call, sharing the screen, with a few of us wishing to learn the technique from you.
This could be recorded and shared with the community.


You got mail looking forward to your call

I screen recorded it I’ll be uploading in a minute…You’ll need a headset to hear cause the sound is from the phone to laptop and it’s low…Dropbox - Rec 0001.mp4 - Simplify your life


It’s actually quite easy when you know the trick.
@GregoryG thanks for recording, @charleyntexas thanks for sharing your knowledge

Yes it is also Charlie along with a brief coding tutorial he showed how to insert pauses in code
God bless
I’ll leave it up for a few days

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