Restarting or trying to finish job

This saved my bacon yesterday when the machine randomly stopped. Thank you @charleyntexas

Everyone should watch this.

@charleyntexas, have you thought of doing a short YouTube video where you explain this? Maybe touch on how the code looks different in fusion 360.

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Yes, I have. Problem is, I am in the middle of a move. My shop is in the same location but I am moving across town. Now I will be in walking distance to my shop instead of having to drive across town. Hopefully I will get to this in the very near future. I have thought about doing a live town hall type thing with this topic if there were enough interest. As you probably figured out, it isn’t really a beginner task but with a little understanding of gcode it can be done by most anyone.


You just did such a nice job explaining it and getting right to the point. The few minutes was a life saver.

Eventually I’ll have to learn how to read and edit code. Had something similar happen on a 5 hour 3d carve only an hour left. I decided to re run the file but ran it from left to right instead of the original right to left and it saved me 4 hours.