Stopping a program mid-way and resuming the next day

Is there a way on the Onefinity to stop a program mid-way. switch off the machine and resume from the same position next day.

Only if you know what gcode line you stopped at and know enough to edit the gcode to resume from that point the next time you turned it on. You’d also loose your xyz zero points during a shutoff so you’d need to be perfect when setting those back. Possible, yes, easy, no.

I USUALLY WRITE DOWN THE OFFSETS AFTER I HAVE PROBED XY AND Z. SO RE-STARING AT THE SAME POSITION IS NOT AN ISSUE. I can also see the G code and know where I stopped by pausing the machine before stopping. The thing that I do not know is how to resume from the same position.

Why wouldn’t you just pause then unless you loose power you will just hit resume to pick up where you were?

@EdwoodCrafting - Possible, but how healthy is it to leave the steppers powered up all night without movement?

@SAJID - you would need to edit the gcode file and remove all the lines before you stopped and reupload the file. Be sensitive to leave some of the initialization commands though.

The Guru, ive thought of the same thing about leaving the steppers powered on. If i may, please allow me to insert some industrial maintenance experience here. The machines I work on run 24/7 for years. Very rarely do I see stepper or servo motors go bad, its usually the controllers that give up first. If you’re in the the middle of a project and need to stop, just pause it and youll be just fine. Those motors will be fine, and like most of the components on this machine, they won’t break the bank if you need to replace something. Steppers are relatively cheap.

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