What do do when receiving the error msg : cannot enter running cycle while in mdi mode

We’ve run into a few instances where you may receive this pop up message:
error msg : cannot enter running cycle while in mdi mode.

The best way to resolve this issue is a simple reboot of the controller.
If for some reason your still getting this error message after powering down the controller and restarting it, contact us at support@onefinitycnc.com

I have been getting this error but to re boot the controller defeats the purpose of running, i have hit clear several time, i went to re home nothing works then i hit my toolpath again and it gave me a confirm

Hitting one of the jog arrows on the controller seems to kick the controller back into action. Thats my experience .

No hitting the jog arrows has no effect. my issue is a bit different, my message is " can not run in jog mode". This happens when I am in the middle of a run and stop the program. Then jog the tool back to the zero location. then reinstalling a new program and then hit the run arrow. Then the message " can not run in jog mode. The spindle will continue to move with the remote controller. The only way is to get the controller working is to engage the emergency soft stop, loosing the part zero. This has been an issue for ever, It would be great if it was fixed. running ver 1.0.9. is there any update to fix this issue. I love the onefinity cnc, The controller works great except for this issue. Please fix this.


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Is there any plans to remedy this issue? In the meantime I will watch the status indicator. thanks for the quick reply.