PAUSING a RUN to adjusting FEED

I’ve always wondered if I could PAUSE a run, make an adjustment, then have it pick up right where it left off.

Perhaps it’s just the nature of CNCs that your runs, once they start, cannot be interrupted. My guess is that some of you out there have developed a work around, or I’m missing something.

My scenario… I was running file with a feed of 200 IPM and 9000 RPM. All worked well on the test with the softer wood. But once I got halfway into the run with the harder wood, it became apparent that there may be trouble ahead. I thought, can I pause the run, put in a lower feed of 150 IPM then resume where I left off. No idea if this can be done.

I know some CNCs, like my old Shapeoko, or maybe it was the software I was using enabled me to adjust the feed while running. This is not a whine about one CNC vs another, just a question of how some of you more experienced CNC’ers have worked around this.

Thanks Guys!


it’s a requested feature that doesn’t currently exist. A way to increase speed

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@OnefinityCNC Is this request just to increase speed or is it to adjust speed up or down???

Why not try increasing the speed of the router without pausing?

It’s the feed speed more than the rpm I’m concerned with. My system is a spindle that doesn’t have a dial.


If i have to pause for something like this, I load the new gcode in NC Viewer and see if I can find approx. where I have reached. Note that I do not do complex carvings etc., so it is usually not to hard to find a close spot in the gcode.

I then remove the lines above (obviously keeping initialisation commands) and reload the gcode and run from there.