Tool bit pause or change

can you pause the program and start where you left off or does it start from the begining. also lets say i have a 1’ doc and start with a 1/2 bit, can i change to a 1’ bit and pick up where i left off. thanks

Hey Butch,

if you mean the Onefinity Controller on Standard Series (not the Masso Controller on Elite Series), you can pause the program by pressing the “play” button and continue by pressing it again, but you can change nothing during pause, especially not jog around or edit the program.

If you stop the program, you can only start from the beginning (or load a different program).

If you want this, you got to switch to another controller. Any controller will run with the Onefinity CNC, you can even buy the Onefinity Standard Series machine without the Onefinity Controller.

ok so i can pause and pick up where i left off but can’t change tools, got it. any suggestions on a little better controller that won’t break the bank. thank you for the info

Hey Butch,

there are so many CNC controllers to choose from, this is not easy to answer.

However on the Onefinity Elite Series (available here), you have a MASSO Controller, with which you can

Should you already own a Onefinity Standard Series, you will be able to upgrade to Elite/Masso in the future. But you can also buy the MASSO controller and attach it yourself. What you will need then is to choose which motors to use and you’ll also want to retrofit limit sensors to the Onefinity (you may want to read the Support document “I want to convert a machine to use with MASSO, will it work?”). If you want to see about user experience with all this search for MASSO G3 on this forum :slight_smile:

Other controllers that users reported in this forum were the Acorn and the DDCS.

thank you I’ll have to check them out a little more seems like you have to build them . i’m not smart enough to do that. I know very little about cnc machines. the one that comes the x50 would probably be fine but I always like to look at options. thanks again you’ve been very helpful

Hey Butch,

if you want to begin with CNC, the Onefinity Controller (PDF Manual, Buildbotics V1.0 Manual also largely applies) of the Standard Series is not bad, as it is not that expensive with $382.50 USD (compared to original Buildbotics Controller for $568.00 - $628.00 USD, of which the Onefinity Controller is a hardware fork. However, Buildbotics Controller further evolved ([1], [2]), but some of its restrictions still remain compared to more professional CNC controllers).

With Onefinity Controller, you have the advantage that it works out of the box with a Onefinity CNC machine so you can immediately start, and you have a community here, a lot of owners who share their experience if one encounters problems. What I also find nice is you can look at the CAMotics toolpath visualisation, however not on the screen directly connected to the Onefinity controller, but with a remote computer over network that has better 3D graphics acceleration capabilities.