Feed hold function

Would love to see a feed hold option in the software. Something that would stop movement, stop the spindle, and raise the Z axis until resumed. If an external button input for this is not possible, at least made in to a software button on the UI.


I have not received my unit yet but this feature would be very useful based on what I have read on the forum…

The pause button is used for this for now. Maybe they can easily implement a custom code area in a Settings > GCode > program-pause/program-unpause area to give us more control.

Problem with Pause is that the Z axis won’t move.

+1 for this.

It would be very helpful to be able to stop the spindle and/or raise the z axis during a pause.

The feed hold function should support multiple ways to be trigger.

  1. From the pause button and/or UI e-stop button (Not the controller box emergency button)
  2. From the breakout board (ex. e-stop pin 23)

note: Using the UI e-stop in either option 1 or 2 will bring a new behavior with the possibility to resume. It will not be final anymore.

When initiate (pause, e-stop, feed hold, door open) will pauses everything, stops any M commands like M3, M8, etc and raises your Z axis (grbl calls it PARKING) to machine coordinate Z0 -10mm and continue where it was when resume is asked.

Dont forget to add you voice to anyone option for the Feed hold fonction if you’re interested.

Would love to have this feature. I will be watching for it.

Yes I also do not have my 1F yet, hopefully by June this pause option can be implemented.

I had the case of having to pause but the spindle keeps running with no way to turn it off except for the stop button on the VFD. And then no way to start up the spindle if I wanted to continue. Even the MOD command line is disabled during the OF pause mode. I had to kill the job no way to recover. So Yes we need a better solution.

Given the architecture, it might be difficult to implement. From what I understand, OF “compiles” the gcode and sends to the AVR for execution. Interrupting that flow, injecting other commands, and recovering could be challenging (but not undoable).


I’m trying to evaluate how the pause/resume function work in AVR in order to replace the behavier with included park functionnality. Don’t know yet if it’s possible.

Yeah so for now I am using Tape Splitting to keep the segments to about an hour max. Not being able to stop and start the VFD spindle is annoying for sure.