Move Z axis up when paused

When pausing a project that is running would like the Z axis to move up maybe to home, moving out of the way of the project incase their is an issues that need to be checked. Then it would move back down and continue when resume is pressed.


@FrankP I second that request.


Agree, and would be nice if we can move X and Y, since the carriage and dust boot can block what you are looking at.


Oh I third that request !


I concur at this would be a very useful capability


How’d I miss this? Yes please.


I agree this would be useful


plus 1 – or 11 even…


How is this not already a function of the controller? This is so basic it shouldn’t be considered a “feature”, it’s a functional requirement of any CNC. You should be able to pause, jog, probe, and resume at will.

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Add me to the list x100

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Very good suggestion , I am with you guy’s

Agreed! Or have it written into PP to move XYZ home for bit change, back to X0Y0 and maybe Z24 to allow for z probe.

Any progress on this front? I’m not even able to move the head out of the way when I hit the stop button. I have to e stop and re setup the machine in order to get control back to the touch screen or joystick.

Yes. Please add this feature

I guess we keep waiting, 1F is busy improving the hardware - not software.

1F doesn’t develop the software as fard as I know, isn’t it all Buildbotics? that is slightly customized.

They did hire their own in-house developer, that how the change the UI display and other settings. It’s a major undertaking to rewrite code or to debug.

Agree, add this capability if possible, and include the ability to stop the spindle if the controller has that feature enabled.

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Yeah, the admin mention in another thread that the 1F hardware and software is heavily forked now, and no longer compatible with BuildBotics.

I am skeptical they have a full-time in-house developer. If they do I have no idea what he does all day because there aren’t very many updates. Probably a contractor or part-time.

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