Bit Setter addition

Would make life easier. This feature would help especially when doing 3d carves using multiple tools trying to get the fine details.

Not sure if Onefinity have a Bitsetter in mind at the moment but using the touch-plate seems to work fine for most users in the group from what I understand. You only need to reset your Z-axis after a bit change after all. No need to set X & Y once you’ve set it at the start of your carve.

There is a whole thread on this w/replies from OneFinity… please search the forum for help/answers.


Yes and I have read through those. I added it here as a “feature request” not just something to discuss. A lot of the work arounds noted in the forum discussions are very helpful. But I’m not looking for a work around I’m looking for a feature. I am aware there are no plans at this time, at least public ones, but letting 1F know that their community and customers have an interest in a feature is part of the process. Even if it is a repeat request.

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I was hoping for a Bit Setter Option as well, it would make things so much easier and was disappointed not to see one as one of the new options. I haven’t picked up on the previous thread so will go and take a look at that. But did wonder if anyone had thought about adapting the Shapeoko unit for use on the 1F?

I have done just that using. Probe, Z Set Shapeoko 3 Touch Probe CNC probe | eBay but would not recommend this one as it is very cheaply made. Still looking for an alternative

oh that sounds interesting, do you have pictures/video and how does it interact with the 1f controller ?

Would it be worth getting the Shapoko one and adapting?


I will put a video together

All, My friend had a C3D bit setter he let me take apart. All it is, is a momentary push button switch with a box around it. Not worth $130 in my option. I took the switch out of the eBay one and mounted it to an acrylic plate that I then counter sunk below the surface of my spoilboard. I am working on getting a video together. I have also ordered a switch to test with. The current switch is getting better then .001 inches between touch’s.

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How will you interface with 1F controller briefly could you explain.

i have decided to just use the probe