Touch probe Question

This is going to be my first cnc. so pardon me if my questions are dumb…
touch probe guessing this is going to be used for X,Y AND Z will this also include a tool changer abilitys? or is this going to be like shapeoko and have 1 device for each? if your planing on making each? a tool changer as well

Most of the time with this class of cnc router the touch probe is for z only.
An automatic tool changer is very unlikely as it would cost more than the entire Onefinity.

If you find that you do lots of bit changes it will pay to have a second router that you can set up while the cut before is working.
$100 but worth it if your use case has you consistently changing bits.
Personally I use a 1/4" up cut for 95% of my stuff so I’m in no hurry.

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Probable called it the wrong thing. A bit setter i think is the correct term? not tool changer For when your in a project and you need to just change to a different bit but still in same job. I called it a tool changer sorry

Okay, not a problem. Anyway, most of the time the probes just do z. There are a few that do xyz, we will see down the road.
The good news is that as long as there is a dependable zeros on the machine there are ways to get where you are going.

our touch probe will do z AND xyz :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very happy to have been wrong in this case!

That’s great news. Thanks!

Awwww yiss!! :smiley: That is so nice.

Triquetra touch plates can do z and xyz. A bit setter type capability (ala Carvey) would be a more automated version of the touch plate, but both are light years behind a tool changer, but a tool changer would be very cool.

I have a question for those of you more experienced than me. I am doing a project that requires a bit change I get the message Estopped, switch not detected. It is attached. I am using the probe I ordered from Onefinity. Any ideas why this happens. Is there a way of resetting the error message to allow another try?

your bit is too far away from the probe. it stops searching after a certain travel distance and then estops, and once it estops, it looses all settings.
I suggest splitting your toolpaths into seperate files.

They are in separate Toolpaths. Probably had the Z too far from the probe. I will try

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it will pay to have a second router

I have not received my 1F yet. From the video, I was under the impression that changing the router was possible but not much easier than changing the bit on the router. I was under the impression that I would need to remove several hex screws to change the router.

Am I incorrect? How easy is it to change the router? Thanks!

very easy 2 screws loosen the bracket pull router out. Have the Z axis on a low position so you have room to lift router out. But it is that easy. Maybe you might have to unscrew the 2 screws at the top of the Z axis if you put your router power cord in it but it is that easy


OK, having had mine for awhile. On this unit is easier to just change out the bit if you have a zeroing plate. I still like having a spare router around as it’s a lot easier to swap out a router than it is to change the brushes before you start work again. If you have some type of problem. He loosen 2 screws on the one finity in your back in business.

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I see, brushes may suffer from a more intensive workload than manual routing. Make sense.
Thanks both for sharing your experience.

Well folks, I did it. Don’t believe it myself, but I forgot to take the magnet off the collet before I turned on the router. Not a good situation. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement wire? Onefinity didn’t seem to have one.

The answer is in this forum Replacement Touch Probe Cable

This link to the replacement touch probe cable appears to only be shipped to US demoninations. How do I get one to NZ?

They ship internationally but you have to contact them for the shipping charges.