What’s the difference

I do not know where to ask and I know nothing about CNC but I ordered a foreman with all the accessories I think I needed ( self standing platform, all the bit packages, xyz touch probe, suck it pro and so on)

I am sure my learning curve will be very steep for the next couple of months or year but any how I am up for the challenge.

So I am asking What’s the difference between the Onefinity tool setter and their xyz touch probe?

The tool setter lets you probe z after a bit change automatically, while keeping the original x and y zero. This is all automatic minus the changing of the bit.

So use the probe to zero x,y, and z at the beginning of the cut. Then when you need another bit, change the bit and use the tool setter to re-zero the new bit for Z

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CNCnutz has a whole series of videos explaining all things Masso. Below is the one on tool setters - it is involved as it explains how to install and set one up:

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