Setting Z after manual tool change

Okay, I’m lost. I have my first job on the Elite that requires 2 tool changes during the job.

I set my tool change location to bring the spindle front and center.

I change the tool and attempt to probe for zero but it doesnt allow for a new Z zero.

I then assume that I should probe Z after hitting cycle start but the machine zips off across the workspace to no man’s land.

What am I doing wrong? Shouldn’t it allow me to probe Z?

See if this video helps - assuming you have not watched it -as it covers some important aspects of tool changes with the Masso controller:

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I’m not using a tool setter. I only set the location of where I want the spindle to come so I can change the tool.

All tools must be their own file.

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Even with the Masso controller?

Tool setter ordered :grinning:

Yep. A tool setter is required (at this point, beta firmwares upcoming do not) to run multiple tools in the same path.

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A tool setter is worth it. It’s almost require IMO.

So, what does someone do when they are using a tool that won’t contact the tool setter (such as a fattening bit).

You would program the tool as its own file and turn off the tool setter, just as the machine currently runs now.

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I ordered the tool setter from Dash Made Woodworking. Hes on this forum and he has a cap you can use for flattening bits. Hope to have the full setup soon.

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I have an ATC spindle, and use my tool setter to measure the offsets for the tool table.

For my wider tools, such as those with 2 or 3 carbide inserts, I temporarily change the touch off location of the tool setter plate in Masso so that the insert tips are centred on the plate.

I perform an auto tool zero for each insert, and make note of the recorded offset. I then average the offsets and manually record the value in the tool table. When done I reset the location of my tool setter.

If I were surfacing a spoil board, it probably would not be in a program that ran other tools with other operations, so I would not use the tool setter. I would just touch off the surface using my 0.025 mm metal shim and adjust my Z height accordingly for that occasional surfacing operation.

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How do you disable the tool setter? Do you just turn it off in th eset-up screen?

F1 career, tool setter. Uncheck it.

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