About the v carve box gadget

I am trying out the box gadget which I don’t find particularly well explained. my question is about the “allowance feature” is this about how tight the joints are? If so, what should I use as an allowance? I’d like a snug fit but the first time I tried I had to use a mallet to get them together, and at the prices of sheet goods these days i don’t want to have to use a hammer and break the stuff. What allowance gives a nice snug fit without hammering them together. by the way is is 19/32 pine plywood. thanks

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I usually use an allowance of .003. Hope this helps


I also use .003 and happy with results. I made a few boxes recently using my laser, and set it at 0. Came out perfect and the contrasting burn marks looked really cool on the assembled box.


for the type of plywood i am using, basically sheathing, the .003 was again too tight. but i will carry on and go 0.006. I will try again tomorrow and let you know.