Making Cabinets - First Try at Vectric File

Anyone willing to examine it and provide feedback about mistakes that point toward impending disaster, lack of efficiency/effectiveness, other? Note, please, that this is for the Blum Tandem Box System - the first hole at the top and the first hole at the bottom are offset from 32mm. All else is 32mm or multiples of 32mm. Note the 37mm distance from the front edge occurs with the placement of a face frame.

I am afraid of burning, so I adapted someone else’s technique of using a slightly small bit and a spiral ramp into each hole. The cuts that provide the back slots and that separate the pieces seem to me to take an extraordinary amount of time to complete. Thoughts on this, in particular, are most welcome. Also, I’m trying to get away without creating a tool change, so the 3/16" end mill is used for all. Problems there?

Thanks! I appreciate the wisdom.

JimTest Base Face Frame.crv (1.4 MB)