Adding Tapered Ball Nose to Fusion 360

I am trying to add a 1/16" tapered ball nose to Fusion 360. When I enter all the dimensions, the tool shows on the right hand side to be around 3/8" instead of 1/16". Does anyone know what I might be entering incorrectly?

The bit is this one:

Seems you are not alone in your question…


Works for me with the same settings you used.

It worked for me as well.

I experienced this today. Trying to use a tapered ball nose that is in my library in a new design. It looked weird. I adjusted it over and over and never got it right. Went to and different design CAM and it looked good. Copy and pasted into new CAM. Looked fat in the new design. No idea what is going on. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.