Aircraft plug for the Huanyang spindle

Can anyone tell me what size aircraft plug I need for the in need for the huanyang spindle mine apparently didn’t come with one and now I have to find one thanks

From what I understand they are a unique connector that needs to be ordered from HY.

This is the one that was recommended to me that I put on my spindle

This is a different listing, but after I contacted Huanyang with this same need to replace the connector, they directed me to the connector they sell on Amazon: Aviation Plug for Huayang Spindle Motor

Did you find there to be a reasonable length of wire to work with to do the replacement?

If you’re referring to me, I needed the aviation plug because I sold my old CNC and needed to transition the spindle to the 1F. I’m doing so, I bought 20’ of a high-quality, 4-wire, shielded cable to ensure there would be no issues. What I learned is that the original spindle setup, as delivered, only used a 3-wire cable and was not actually grounded on the spindle. There are good video tutorials out there on how to do so, and it was an easy fix to get it right.