Anyone Ever Cut Brass?

Anyone ever cut brass with there Onefinity? Not planning on making anything huge just a brand

If so any tips would be appreciated.

Do I need a special bits?

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I made a brand out of a bar of brass. I used regular bits an 1/8th downcut for roughing and a 60deg v for finish. I went really slow. 70ipm on roughing and 45ipm on vbit. doc .0625. 18000rpm.


Had to google “DOC”, depth of cut! :sweat_smile:
Thank you.

Hello John,
I see no problem cutting brass using standard metal cutting end mills especially for small detailing. You have plenty of rpms so just use standard chip load for the cutter vs material. Step over is your limiting factor more than anything. Taking very light cuts is ideal at first and then you can dial in from there. Also, some air blast is going to keep those chips from breaking your small cutter and flush them out of the cut. Last thing you want is double cutting your chips by clogging the cutting area. Just take it slow like JDog says and you should be fine.

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Ah so no using my Amana end mills…

Anyone recommend decent metal end mills? I will only be using them a few times.

Amana end mills are fine that is what I used to cut my brass brand. I have cut mild steel with those too so they are pretty tough.

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Hey John, I wasn’t suggesting the Amana end mills wouldn’t work, I was just concerned with the down cut version. In metal cutting you want to pull the chips out especially with small cutters like 1/8" and below. :+1:

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Thanks @metalikartz & @JDog for the clarification.