Anyone got contact for genuine Makita brushes/parts?

Saw someone on here had sourced a new or extra compression nut as well as genuine brushes. Looking for a one stop shop.

Hey Robert,
Here’s a link to a place that sells parts. I picked up a couple extra brush caps to have on hand.

These brushes aren’t genuine Makita, but they work perfectly fine, and they’re cheap:

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WOOHOO!!! Thanks Bill!!! (Cheap is good since nothing we use is cheap) much appreciated!!!

You’re very welcome, Robert! :sunglasses:

Ordered those puppies today since there “might” be a run on Kita brushes in the future! (All the OF’s getting made and sold) Better to be safe than sorry!!:+1::+1::+1: thanks again bill!!!

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Good play, my man! A few months ago, those brushes were actually sold out. Glad to see they got restocked on them. The Makita seems to be a good router. The only common issue I’ve seen posted is the speed dial can creep when it’s running. I haven’t personally seen that on mine, but I haven’t run it that much to be honest. Shortly after I got the machine I got the RoutER11 from Openbuilds (basically a generic copy of the Makita, but has an ER11 collet spindle). The bearings seem noisy compared to the Makita, and the spindle gets pretty hot after running awhile. I’m pretty sure the 2 are directly related.