Anyone Used Fabber?

Placing this under Software because using Fabber would be part of the design and code generation process.

I came across this while looking for SketchUp extensions.

Their pricing page says it’s free for hobbyists (3 jobs a month).

Don’t know anything about them just asking if anyone here does. I did not see the Onefinity listed as supported but the site says just ask and they will offer support. Might help if Onefinity contacted them and asked for support. That is if enough here see this as having any value to the community.

Looks pretty cool. Where do we ask them to support 1F?

Looks like it’s web-based CAM for use with SketchUp (only) at this point. It looks very cool for SketchUp users, but costly.

I’ve used Sketchup to make quite a few projects over the years, but dislike it enough that I hope to never use it again.