Anyone using the Vevor CW3000 water chiller for their water cooled spindle?

Sure! Here you are:

On the back side I replaced the connectors with FESTO plug-ins.

The motor has grooves, into each I put a piece of silicone hose to avoid vibrations.

In the original, the two cooling coils are parallel. I have connected them in series.

Armaflex was glued between the cooling coils and the fan so that the vibrations of the fan are not transmitted.

The flow sensor is now in the return line so that leaks in the cooling circuit can be detected before the water tank has been pumped empty. :wink:
Attention: The flow sensor is position-dependent. Please test whether it works before screwing everything back together.
The Y-branch, which was previously installed on the cooling coils, is now in the return to connect the outlet valve.
All cable ties have been replaced with wire spring clips to apply constant pressure to the hose connections; cable ties wear out.
The cooling water tank is filled with distilled water. Although I don’t have any paint in the hoses, I don’t have to worry about toxicity or the possibility of car coolants attacking the plastic of the unit.
(Coolants such as glycol are used for frost protection or corrosion protection in cars, but reduce the cooling capacity of the water).